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Manual and Automated Testing

Why does a website or software need testing?

Nothing in today's world is accepted unless it comes with a quality tag attached to it. Be it food materials or clothes that we buy, high quality standards are ensured in everything. Similarly, a website or software comes with a quality tag of its own. Testing helps increase the quality of a website or software by ensuring that the functionality is as per the client's requirements and all the loopholes are properly covered so that there is no damage caused to the business.

There are two types of testing Manual Testing and Automated Testing. On one hand where manual testing involves people manually testing the application to ensure its high quality, automated testing uses software, which is specifically designed for your application, to perform the testing.

What do we have to offer?

We offer independent testing of your software and websites as per your business needs and specific requirements. We provide end to end software testing including front-end design testing, back-end design testing and database testing. The software testing services includes the following features:

  • Creation of dummy test data for manual and automated testing purposes.
  • Creation of Automated test scripts as per your business requirements.
  • Daily logging and reporting of bugs/defects with their detailed description.
  • Testing the application with techniques like Load testing, Performance testing etc.
  • Identifying the causes of defects/bugs and reporting them accordingly.
  • Generating weekly and monthly reports which reflect the statistics of the tests carried and the number of test scripts executed.