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iPhone & Android App Development

Looking at the overall industry trend for mobile market, one can obviously feel the demand for mobile developers. Mobile programming is done on various platforms: JAVA, Symbian, Windows, iPhone, Android etc. Rest all the platforms look very small if compared to two market giants iPhone and Android. In the last few years these two technologies have captured the whole market, making extremely difficult for its competitors to survive. If you will hold two separate phones with separate OS – iPhone and Android, you will not feel much of a difference as almost every app developed on iPhone is available on Android these days and vice versa.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone application development is performed on Intel based Mac or Mac OS X. The language used for iPhone development is Objective-C which is an extension to OOPS concepts. iPhone app development is carried out using SDK which is freely downloadable from Apple's web site along with an iPhone emulator. Though iPhone development is based on basic OOPS concepts but iPhone development is quite interesting due to some of the creative features offered by iPhones hardware, for example: Orientation changes, motion sensors, touch gestures etc. iPhone development can be categorized into the following areas:

  • iPhone Software Development
  • iPhone Application Development
  • iPhone Game Development
  • iPhone Web Development

A lot of people understood the power of iPhone development which resulted in thousands of applications available under App Store for download. If you have a creative idea for a useful application or and addictive game, give your imagination a face and get your app developed today. Those who understood the potential invested a small amount and now making huge money from App Store.

Since iPhone development is new to the dev world it is not easy to find a good iPhone application development company in Delhi. We are one of the most trusted iPhone app development companies in Delhi companies who stand out in the crowd. We work very closely with our clients and not only develop an application but also use our experience gained over number of years to convert client's imagination to reality. Our company has a lot of technology obsessed developers working day and night to deliver a successful product. You can trust us with any iPhone application development Delhi, with whatever your requirements are, no matter how complex the application is we make sure that the product delivered is of highest quality.

Android Application Development

Android application development on the other hand is quite different from iPhone development as it uses JAVA runtime classes, which means any person having experience in Java can smoothly develop applications for Android Platform. Another added advantage is a familiar IDE Eclipse. Similar to iPhone SDK, android also comes with its SDK which acts as a bible for app development on android platform. Developers with Java are easily available and with a little practice and guidance can pick up android development real quick. It is a free application development platform provided by Google. Android is open source software, which means no need for any licensing for android application development. This results in overall low cost android app development. Android being open source has large number of online communities and forums for any kind of development support.

Android started following App Store and today it stands almost at the same level with similar number of apps. Some even believe that Android is the future of mobile programming. We are one of the leading android application development companies in Delhi. Android development is our forte. With a professionally qualified and dedicated team rest assured, your dev work is in good hands. Get your business a boost by opening new doors with the help of a new android app. Any field of finance, health, hotels, entertainment, music, and marketing android app is the best option. With the amount of experience in Android app development, admin of numerous support groups & forums we become the obvious choice for android app development company in Delhi.

Following are few steps of our approach to deliver a quality Android application:

  • Study the requirement in detail and do a feasibility study well in advance which not only helps determining the issues in advance but also helps in giving the correct development estimates of the application.
  • A through understanding of framework and the entire do a market study of all the available existing tools to speed up the development process.
  • We make sure that our developers are up to date with any change in technology or release of a new android SDK.
  • Mitigate the risk of application failure on various hand sets. Existence of various hand sets by various companies poses a great risk of application failure due to compatibility issues. All our applications go through an intensive testing process resulting in a quality app.

Our company has helped many brands gain high visibility in a very short time. Our commitment to this ever changing technological world has given us technological edge above other companies who are also involved in android application development Delhi. We try to be reason for your success with our vision for constant innovations and creativity.